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NARCOLEAP SEASON 1 Nominated for Canadian Screen Award. Starring: Chelsey Reist Aleks Paunovic Madison Ryne Smith Austin Eckert Nicole Oliver Cameron Bancroft

NARCOLEAP SEASON 2 Starring: Chelsey Reist Aleks Paunovic Madison Ryne Smith Austin Eckert Nicole Oliver Cameron Bancroft

FORAGERS Starring: Chelsey Reist Amira Anderson Kaden Connors

One Must Wash Eyes Feature FIlm Casting 2022/2023

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CAN I GET A WITNESS? Feature Film Casting 2022/2023

ITSY BITSY SPIDER Crazy 8's Film Festival: Acquired by CBC Starring: Fletcher Donovan Thomas Nicholson Luke Sykes


Lupe Q and the Galactic Earworms Feature Film Casting TBA

IN HER VIEW Feature Film Shooting 2022

FAMILY DESCENT Starring Announcement Coming Soon!!

MURPHY'S LAW Acquired by CBC Starring: Chelsey Reist Amanda Herdman Jocelyn Panton


Music Film by Teon Gibbs & IAMTHELIVING

THE FARAWAY PLACE Crazy8's Film Festival 2022 Starring: Rain Mateo Simon Baker Christian Sloan Emmett Hanly

SIGN NO MORE Starring: Saskia Wedding Pamela Jane McGregor


CUELLO Crazy8's Film Festival 2021 Starring: Manny Hernandez Christian Echegoyen

DR.F Starring: Sarah Desjardins Fletcher Donovan

HUNKERED Starring: Sage Linder Jelena Milinkovic


MUSLIM MINGLE Starring: Mitra Lohrasb Alisha-Marie Ahamed

HEART OF GOLD Starring: Pascal Lamothe-Kipnes Cesare Scarpone

SHIRAZ FIVV Official Selection Starring: Joe Munroe Gus Khosrowkhani

MESSIAH COMPLEX Starring: Cory Sevier John Reardon Michel Issa Rubio Andres Joseph

THE BUTTERFLY AFFECT Part of Women in Animation Vancouver/Women in View's Five In focus Program Starring: Pam Kearns Jenny Anderson Sophie Terry

SMALL FISH Crazy'8's Film Festival Starring: Cassandra Naud Christina Schell Jacqueline Robbins

ATALANTA Selected to be a part of the 7th edition of Canada: Not Short on Talent at the Marche Du Film, During Cannes Film Festival Starring: Monique Phillips Claire Kniz Angela Palmer

CAMPING TRIP VIFF Offical Selection Starrring: Carmel Amit Clayton James Mitchell Sviatko

PEARLY NIGHTS Starring: Brendan Taylor Amelia Morris Darlene Tait Curtis Steeksma

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