Nominated for Canadian Screen Award. Starring Chelsey Reist, Aleks Paunovic, Madison Ryne Smith, Austin Eckert.

NarcoLeap Season 2 

Starring: Chelsey Reist, Aleks Paunovic, Madison Ryne Smith, Austin Eckert


Murphy's Law

Itsy Bitsy Spider 

Starring: Chelsey Reist, Amira Anderson

Kaden Connors.

Starring: Chelsey Reist, Amanda Herdman

Jocelyn Panton.

Part of Crazy8's Film Festival. Starring 

Fletcher Donovan, Thomas Nicholson

Luke Sykes.

Dr. F 

Heading 2

Starring: Sarah Desjardins, 

Fletcher Donovan

Messiah Complex

Small Fish

Starring: Cory Sevier

John Reardon.

Part of Crazy 8's Film Festival. Starring Cassandra Naud, Christina Schell, and Jacqueline Robbins.

The Butterfly Affect

The Butterfly Affect was created in part of Women In Animation Vancouver / Women In View’s Five In Focus Program. The film premiered at Spark Animation Festival in October of 2019: Starring Pam Kearns, Sophie Terry and Kate Boutilier.



Selected to be a part of the 7th edition of Canada: Not Short on Talent at the Marche Du Film, during Cannes Film Festival: Starring Angela Palmer, Clair Kniaz, Monique Phillips.

Camping Trip

Camping Trip is a VIFF 2019 official selection. Starring Carmel Amit, Clayton Chitty and Mitchell Sviatko. 


Vancouver Short Film Festival Official Selection Starring Gus Khosrowkhani, Joey Munroe.

Tina Marie Casting