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Tina Marie McCulloch, CDC, is a distinguished casting director who is a recognized member of the Casting Director Society of Canada based in both Vancouver and Calgary. Notable for her work on the award-nominated NARCOLEAP series by KGP Films, she shifted from a decade of acting training, including a stint at NYC's Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, to a career in casting.

Her versatile credits span TV Movies like CAPE HOLLY CHRISTMAS, short film projects such as FAMILY DESCENT featuring Riverdale's Sean Depner, and numerous contributions to the CRAZY8'S FILM FESTIVAL. This summer, she cast feature films ONE MUST WASH EYES staring actress Pegah Ghafoori and the eagerly awaited feature film CAN I GET A WITNESS, directed by Ann Marie Fleming and starring Sandra Oh. She is also currently involved in the feature film "Lupe Q & the Galactic Earworms" and the proof-of-concept/short film "Up in the Spotlight."

Tina Marie operates on the philosophy that an actor's CV is not always indicative of their on-screen potential. Leveraging her extensive background in performance training, she has an acute sense for spotting authentic character and skill. Her ongoing mission is to continually expand her diverse talent pool.

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